Technological design

The technological design department consists of engineers and industry experts who not only know how to design the equipment, but also they understand the needs in the field of processing of minerals and materials from beginning to end. This department provides customers with important services, ensuring the integration of equipment into the process in each application and ensuring that the material meets the required specifications.

The technological design team provides professional, convenient and high-quality service and support that complements the activities of the customer service department and represents a useful experience for the customer. SAHUT-CONREUR CIS is ready to help at all stages, from the early stage of plant development to after-sales service and technical support, implementing a long-term approach to product support.

The process engineering team, which is directly responsible for all product innovations, assesses the need for new product development. They create and adopt new ideas that meet market needs and implement rational processes, which allows SAHUT-CONREUR CIS to offer its customers comprehensive solutions.

With advanced knowledge in the field of technological design theory, the technological design department of SAHUT-CONREUR CIS can provide training and presentations for companies and trade associations.