Material Testing

Our customers can take advantage of the capabilities of our pilot plant in the Raismes town to test the material in terms of briquetting, compacting or grinding and obtaining technical and economic data.

The test lab is equipped with:
• low-pressure laboratory press for product testing
• farm compactor
• compaction unit for pharmaceuticals and chemicals (throughput
capacity up to 50 kg / h)
• block for a granulation compacting
(throughput up to 500 kg / h)
• industrial scale press (throughput up to 9 t / h)
• industrial scale press (throughput up to 15 t / h)

The pilot plant is also equipped with a full range of machines used in briquetting, compacting and grinding, dryer, mixers, granulators, sieves. Measuring instruments are available to evaluate the quality of the final product. With all of this equipment, all the steps involved in briquetting, compacting or grinding can be completed.