One of the core values of SAHUT-CONREUR CIS is the ability to exceed customer expectations. This corporate value reflects the desire to continuously surprise customers not only with our specially developed technological solutions, but also with the services that we provide to customers throughout the entire sales process and equipment life.

That is why SAHUT-CONREUR CIS offers you following additional services and opportunities:


Our partnership with customers does not end after the acquisition of equipment. We intend to support you throughout the whole time of the equipment operation. Whenever you need our help, we are ready to offer you technical assistance and field maintenance.


One of the advantages of working with SAHUT-CONREUR CIS is that we are not only designing and manufacturing our own equipment, but also providing commissioning services and ongoing support throughout the life of the equipment.


Customers can take advantage of capabilities of the pilot plant in Raismes (France) in order to test the material in terms of briquetting, compacting or grinding. Later technical and economic data might be obtained.


There are many reasons why manufacturers may need to upgrade existing plants - environmental regulations, obsolete equipment, or expansion of the enterprise, etc. Regardless the reason, SAHUT-CONREUR CIS can cooperate with customers during the time of doing some improvements of their enterprises.


The technological design department consists of engineers and industry experts who, apart from knowing how to design equipment, understand all needs in the field of material processing. This department provides inevitable services that ensures as the integration of equipment into the working process as the ability of the material to meet the required specifications.


If you work with SAHUT-CONREUR CIS, you can be satisfied that each solution is the result of comprehensive research. As the result: it is one of the safest and most efficient equipment on the market.


Our complete, uninterrupted service provides a guarantee of quality and reduces your risk. SAHUT-CONREUR CIS deals with all financial aspects of the sale, including: transportation, customs clearance, brokerage services, provision of necessary documentation and certification.


SAHUT-CONREUR CIS understands that downtime can cost its customers a lot. Therefore, SAHUT-CONREUR CIS creates stocks of many components that are considered critical for the operation of our products (namely, spare and wearing out parts: consumables, supplies, tools).