Alfred Conreur

ALFRED CONREUR established a mechanical workshop in Raismes (North of France) in 1859

Since the first decades of the 20th century, SAHUT-CONREUR company has specialized in the design and construction of coal briquetting plants using double roll presses. Beginning in the 1950’s, the company expanded this technology to new fields of applications concerning a variety of industries: chemical, food processing, iron and steel, metallurgical, nuclear, ores and minerals, pharmaceutical and many other powder processing industries. In addition to the double roll press, the company has developed a range of additional equipment specifically adapted to the requirements of this technology: mixers, pug-mills, flake-breakers, hammer-mills, granulators, etc.

After more than 160 years of existence, SAHUT-CONREUR is recognized as one of the world leaders in the engineering and construction of briquetting and granulation by compaction plants.

Furthermore, SAHUT-CONREUR has extended the use of roller presses to grinding by double rolls in the 1980’s.

Quality and Service

SAHUT-CONREUR CIS has a true experience and know-how obtained with the help of its pilot plant, its toll production unit, its engineering department, its manufacturing workshop and the successful installation of numerous plants.

By a constant search for technical innovations associated with the modernization of CAD/CAM workstations and CNC machine-tools, Sahut-Conreur ensures the quality and reliability of the plants supplied to customers.

With its engineers and skilled technicians SAHUT-CONREUR CIS assists its customers from design to start-up of their plant and training of staff and throughout the plant operation.

Experience, Know-How, Service -

SAHUT-CONREUR has all the necessary features to propose global solutions and implement them

The SAHUT-CONREUR’s pilot plant is a true means of research and development, with a full range of lab and industrial equipment necessary to determine the key parameters that will be used in the design of equipment and plants.

All feasibility testing on briquetting, compaction - granulation or grinding of products can be carried out in this test lab in active collaboration with customers.

Our pilot plant is equipped with:

  • a lab press for feasibility tests on small quantities of product
  • a pharma compactor
  • a granulation by compacting unit for pharmaceuticals and chemicals (throughput capacity up to 50 kg/h)
  • a granulation by compacting unit (throughput capacity up to 500 kg/h)
  • industrial scale press (throughput capacity up to 9 t/h)
  • industrial scale press (throughput capacity up to 15 t/h)

It is also equipped with a whole range of machines used in the briquetting, compaction-granulation and grinding processes: dryer, mixers, granulators and screens. The required testing devices are available to quantify the quality of the finished products. With all this equipment, all steps of briquetting, compaction - granulation, or grinding processes can be reproduced.