With 160 years of experience,  SAHUT-CONREUR is recognized as an international leading developer and manufacturer of high-quality, powerful and cost-effective equipment for briquetting, granulation and grinding processes using roller presses.

Based on well-qualified experience, the use of know-how and the constant search for technical innovations, SAHUT-CONREUR has all the necessary tools to implement comprehensive solutions for the refinement of ores, minerals, products of the chemical, food, metallurgical, coal and other industries.

To strengthen positions in the market of Russia and the CIS countries and to provide prompt technical support, two SAHUT-CONREUR CIS offices were opened in Russia: in Moscow and in Berezniki (Perm Region).


Product of high strength and density

Various products obtained after ore mining and its subsequent enrichment in the metallurgical and other industries must be stored somewhere or transported to the customer. This is most conveniently done when the material is pressed into tiles, granules, briquettes or pellets. So the product takes up less space, its technological losses are reduced and quality characteristics are improved.

The main advantage of SAHUT-CONREUR equipment over similar machines from other manufacturers is increased power with the same parameters, better air removal from the product immediately before briquetting and granulation processes. Accordingly, with the same performance, the customer receives equipment with smaller dimensions and cost. The quality and reliability of SAHUT-CONREUR equipment is ensured by ongoing research, the introduction of technical innovations, and the modernization of the machinery. In addition, due to the design feature, the product obtained on twin roll presses has greater strength and density. This significantly affects the quality of the product during its storage and transportation.


From the development process to increase the service life

SFHUT-CONREUR CIS provides a full range of services from engineering to service support throughout the life of the equipment. Our team of engineers will help you choose the most suitable equipment in order to increase the efficiency and profitability of your enterprise.

High quality equipment
High quality equipment
Delivery and customs clearance
Delivery and customs clearance
Service assistance
Service assistance
Installation supervision and commissioning services
Installation supervision and commissioning services
24/7 customer support
24/7 customer support
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